Urgent referrals

  • Medical professionals can contact Dr Chin (M-F 8:30am – 5:00pm) for urgent advice and/or patient referral via the switchboard at SJOG Murdoch Hospital on 08 9438 9000. Urgent referrals will be reviewed as a matter of priority.

  • An on-call service (24/7) is not provided by Dr Chin. After hours care for sudden or unexpected illness related to blood disorders is provided by your local hospital via the Emergency Department. Unrelated or minor issues should be referred to your primary care physician (GP) or local Emergency Department if required.

New patients

  • All new patients require a referral letter from a primary care practitioner (GP, nurse practitioner) or specialist medical practitioner. Referrals need to be received and reviewed prior to an appointment being made.

  • A valid referral is required to allow you to claim Medicare rebates. A primary care practitioner referral (GP) will last 12 months, and referrals from other specialist physicians will last 3 months. Although we will attempt to warn you of referral expiry, it is your responsibility to note when a new referral will be required.

  • Referrals can be sent via –