Blood tests & Investigations

  • Blood tests and blood film review are essential in the assessment of blood disorders. At Bloodwise, our preferred pathology provider is Australian Clinical Labs (ACL). This will allow Dr Chin to facilitate expedited and specialised testing on patient samples. Please ensure that you always go to Australian Clinical Labs (ACL) for blood tests.

  • For blood transfusions, a fresh sample within 72 hours of the transfusion is required to accurately and safely cross-match the blood product to ensure compatibility. This sample must be with ACL to allow issue of blood products at SJOG Murdoch Hospital.

  • Bone marrow (BM) biopsy – a BM biopsy is a specialised diagnostic test which may be needed in the work-up of certain blood disorders. A BM biopsy is performed as a day procedure at SJOG Murdoch hospital by Dr Chin. The biopsy will be performed from the back of the hip bone (posterior superior iliac crest) and a blood and bone sample will be taken for analysis. In the majority of cases, local anaesthesia is adequate. In exceptional cases, inhaled or general anaesthesia may be used with the assistance of a specialist anaesthetist. The BM biopsy may take between 1 to 3 weeks for results as further specialized tests may be indicated (cytogenetics, molecular testing, immunohistochemistry stains). Results will be discussed in person at a follow-up appointment.